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Real estate marketing requires a range of skills. In the digital age of home selling, a “listing agent” must understand search engine optimization (SEO). The number one job of a real estate marketing expert is creating content for the seller that’s easily discoverable online. The top real estate marketing agents can create a digitally optimized marketing campaign that home shoppers see before all others.

Most home buyers utilize the internet to search for homes before they buy. A properly designed and well-executed real estate marketing plan will achieve top-ranking results. Differentiate your client’s property from the thousands of like-kind properties in the same market. Optimizing a marketing campaign with “alt tags,” “alt text,” and “image compression” for a fast-loading web page is only part of a well-designed marketing plan for a property listing. A relevant title, image caption, property description, and use of competitive keywords and long tail keywords will boost your overall discoverability.

Listing agents not well-versed in digital marketing and #SEO lean on multiple listing services (MLS) to do the heavy lifting. An optimized property listing will benefit from the search ranking algorithms even when shared with the IDX “internet data exchange.” The better the optimization, the faster the results. Properly structured optimization of content will reach the top of search results and gain maximum exposure equating to a successfully executed property listing.

Selling real estate fast for top dollar is the end goal for the best real estate marketing experts and their clients. Real estate marketing expert and listing agent Adrian Jackson gets results quickly due to his extensive knowledge and ability. Regardless of the volume of content created for any given client, the process, delivery, and execution are paramount to the success of the real estate marketing campaign.

If you want to learn more about real estate marketing and implementing a customized marketing strategy for your property, contact the real estate marketing expert, Adrian Jackson. Adrian will guide you through the real estate marketing and home selling process. Whether selling land, new construction, or a unique luxury property, Adrian will show you how to achieve the best results and exceed your expectations.

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